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The brief

Diageo were rebranding Morelo Golden Rum so they wanted me to inspire design direction, and help them form the relevant messaging to give the South African rum an identity - all starting with the manifesto.

The result

Playing up the forward-thinking ethos of South Africa, its natural vibrancy, and its many possibilities for change, I set out four manifestos. This was one that resonated -

Morelo - The promised land

Welcome to the land of ‘Why not’.

Where ideas flow as freely as the teeming rivers and streams.

Where the seeds of abundant creativity are planted and brave changes become the fruit we harvest.

It’s where we’re inspired to harness the colour and richness that surrounds us - focusing our passion and craft, to make something truly unique. Because this rum can only come from here, from us, from this source of life and energy.

So, with freedom to choose, freedom to create and freedom to act, we welcome you to live with us in the land of ‘Why not’.

Morelo - move to the beat of your own rum.






Creative, conceptual copywriting

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