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The brief

London’s leading and largest estate agent needed some positioning lines to encapsulate their place in the new, post-Covid property economy.

Specifically, they wanted to remind buyers, sellers and landlords that in the increasingly competitive landscape of London property dealing, that they have the upper hand, and are where most turn to for reach, range and expertise for everything bricks and mortar.

The result

'Moving markets need market leaders'

Not only was this a line for external comms, but also it served as the centre of other comms.

This had to sit side by side in tone and register as KFH’s successful 'Reasons to move' and 'London property. We get it.' campaign lines. Working with Open Agency, I developed around twenty workable lines focussing on different elements, turns of phrase and verbal hooks to get people engaged, and the client sold in on the idea.

As we can see in many a KFH office, the chosen line lives proudly on many a high street.




Open Agency


Copywriting, art direction

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