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PG Tips

The brief

With a ‘traditional’ tea-drinking consumer base, PG Tips wanted to enter the world of herbal teas in their own relatable, light but down-to-earth way.

Working with the FMCG design dons, Bloom, variants needed to be named, as well as nailing the overarching tone and back of pack copy for each flavour.

The result

I picked up the current TOV of the brand, but realigned it with the fast-growing herbal tea segment.

Focusing on the distinctive and trusted taste of PG, as opposed to the more sensory emphasis of established competitors like Twining’s, we came up with the simple ‘Big-tasting’ theme. With flavour and taste as the focal points, the names began to take shape.

Sample BOP -

Delicate Camomile

Unwind with this delicate and natural Camomile flowers infusion. Pure and simple, perfect for a bit of me time.


PG Tips





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