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Salary Finance / Neyber

The brief

Create the brand identity, language, TOV, guidelines, and the name of an ingeniously simple peer-to-peer lending start-up for the public sector.

This covered B2B, B2C, co-branding, and internal comms – the whole block.

The result

Enter, Neyber, now rebranded as Salary Finance.

When in its first incarnation, Neyber smashed it. Named as one of the top 50 most disruptive financial technology platforms for 2017, they topped £50 million within two years.

The same standpoint I created still exists – with financial wellbeing as the main message that underpins the brand’s creative direction and the same clear, open and honest TOV that’s working well for them.


Salary Finance / Neyber




Copywriting and content

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